Players should work to improve their game while maintaining their passion - our job as coaches is to ensure they are doing both

    Prescient Soccer is a supplemental training program aimed at maximizing player performance while incorporating the excitement of the game with athletes of all levels. The focus is on improving cognition, awareness, creativity, and tactical understanding - while also enhancing players’ technical and physical abilities.   The program uses a unique approach to put players in match-like situations and presents them with challenges they must solve using their cognitive, creative, and technical skills.   Prescient Soccer was formed from the need to better educate players on the importance of decision making and creativity in the game. Our goal is to teach these lessons in engaging ways so that they can be learned by athletes of all ages and skill-levels. By creating an environment conducive to creativity and excitement, players are able to best pickup and retain the lessons taught and learned. One of our main beliefs is that the development of the world’s top soccer players is due to their love of the game and their freedom to express themselves on the field - Prescient Soccer aims to instill those same feelings in each of the players we work with.


    1. Empathy: seek to understand each and every player and their family and their respective goals inside and out of the game

    2. Build character: foster personal and social traits that will help set players and families up for success both in and outside of the game

    3. Encourage professionalism and adhere to standard

    4. Develop work-ethic and passion


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