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    The Prescient Soccer Academy Program is an exclusive 9-month program (September - May) that provides high-level SUPPLEMENTAL soccer training for youth soccer players (boys and girls). The program involves intense, high-level technical training that improves players' ball control, close control, skill execution, passing accuracy and technique, and shooting technique.


    Our goal is to provide unparalleled training by placing players in a professional setting (with professional expectations) and providing them with intense and detailed instruction. Our program is not for everyone—we are very selective on who is admitted into our Academy and who is retained in the program.

    • We believe intensity, focus, and discipline are the main driving forces in player development

    • At the same time we create a environment where the players are encouraged to let their personalities come out and enjoy their time on/off the field

    • Your child will be challenged but will learn how to cope with the pressure (and challenges) that are required to be a top player

    Players will train once/week at their designated time throughout the Fall/Winter/Spring seasons. Training times are offered in the PM and we do our best to ensure that they do not conflict with players' club training. Please refer to the schedule below to identify age-specific training dates.


    Weather Policy:

    • As we train indoors we will plan to train regardless of rain (including thunderstorms).

    • Only in severely inclement weather will we reschedule/cancel training.

    • If training is cancelled, you will received an email concerning this cancellation.

    • In the case of extreme weather that leads to multiple cancellations we will organize "make-up" sessions likely to occur on Saturdays or Sundays


    The Academy Sessions will run 1.5 hours in length and generally follow the following format:

    • 30 mins: Warm-Up & Technical Foundation Work

    • 30 mins: Advanced Ball Mastery & Tactical Concepts

    • 30 mins: Opposed Technical & Tactical Application (live pressure with attacking and defending players)



    AUGUST 30, 2021 - MAY 27, 2022

    ​*NOTE: We will NOT train on the following dates due to the Holidays:

    • November 22, 2021 & November 24, 2021

    • December 27, 2021 & December 29, 2021


    All sessions will be staffed and run by the coaches below. Here are the details in regards:

    • There will always be one coach per each group of 10 players

    • Coaches/groups will work on one-half of the field

    • Coaches will work with a particular group for the entirety of the session (a coach will spend the entire 1.5 hours with the same group that particular day)

    • Coaches will switch the groups the work with on a weekly basis (ex: for the 5:00pm session on Wednesdays, Coach Marcus will work with with the 2013 Boys one week then with the 2013 Girls the following week)

    • All groups will perform the same sessions that particular week to ensure that sessions follow Prescient Soccer philosophy and curriculum

    Marcus Luster


    e: marcus@prescientsoccer.com

    p: (919) 229-9341


    • Former Youth Club Club
    • Co-Founder of Prescient Soccer

    Marcus currently oversees Prescient Soccer's operations in North Carolina alongside Giancarlo Soprano.

    Frank Luster


    e: info@prescientsoccer.com

    p: (919) 229-9341


    • Owner AC Commonwealth (UPSL)
    • Former Youth Club Coach

    Frank currently supports Prescient Soccer's operations in Raleigh/Wake Forest, NC.


    IT IS PREFERRED. Please understand we are approaching this program purely from a soccer development perspective. We understand that you or your player may be involved in other activities however we strive to see improvement in each player that joins the Academy and in order to achieve such, consistency and commitment is required.

    We do offer sessions on a come as you'd please basis however, classes fill up at 10 players so there is no guarantee that you will be able to secure your spot every week. Additionally we are really trying to push for consistency because that is the only way you will see results. If your child misses here or there it's not a big deal but if you are coming sporadically or to only a few sessions each month we may ask that you hold off on attending until you are able to attend more frequently. This will open up this space for someone who is able to attend consistently.


    We LOVE transparency so to be very clear, this is in no way financially motivated. We are truly invested in the development of the players that we work with and we feel as though it's only fair to Prescient Soccer's vision and you (as the parent/financier) to have a commitment. Our team has years of experience and over said years it's proven counterproductive to work with players sporadically. We almost always find that lack of consistency leads to stagnation in player development which ultimately leads to lost potential and wasted dollars (paid by you).

    We want measurable results and we want players to have an experience that they won't have anywhere else. That is why we offer the resources, accountability, and length of training that we do. At the end of the 9-month cycle we can guarantee that players will experience growth in the following areas:

    • Technical Ability

    • Tactical Understanding

    • Psychological Fortitude

    While it's vital to attend every session as each week will build off of the preceding week(s) we understand conflicts may pop-up. We just ask that you communicate absences to us in our software if you plan to miss a particular date.


    Please contact us at info@prescientsoccer.com if you have questions about this.


    • Annual Registration fee: $75 (must be paid by August 29, 2021 otherwise you risk forfeiting your spot in the Academy) - goes towards uniform and software fees

    • Monthly training fee: $90/month (if paid monthly) or $25/session if paid sporadically. Monthly training fee is automatically billed on the 5th of each month starting September 5, 2021 and ending May 5, 2021) - goes towards field rentals and staffing

    • There are 37 total sessions in the Academy (meaning you are paying just under $22/session for a 1.5 hour session if you opt for monthly payments)


    • Prescient Soccer training top

    • Prescient Soccer car magnet

    • Sessions are recorded and shared w/ players and families

    • Two written evaluations provided after Fall and Spring seasons (we are completely open to discussing your child's progress before and after our written evaluation period)


    • Liability/COVID Waiver on file

    • Player Code of Conduct/Parent Code of Conduct on file

    • Must wear Prescient Soccer training top - to be provided first day of the Academy

    • Shirts tucked in upon arrival

    • Socks below knees and over shin guards

    • Soccer turf or indoor soccer shoes are required (you will NOT be allowed on the field with cleats nor running shoes)

    • No watches/jewelry to be worn during play

    • Bring water bottle filled with water as we will not be able to provide water due to COVID-19 protocols (please plan appropriately for high temperatures)

    • Balls and equipment provided by Prescient Soccer staff


    We understand that things happen during the season that may prevent you from being able to complete the 9-month cycle. While we hate to cut your experience short if things pop-up that prevent you from completing the cycle we are happy to cancel your billing from the end of the month on


    For example, if you need to cease participation on February 10, 2022 your billing will cease on February 28, 2022 and you will NOT be charged for March going forward.


    We do not offer refunds unless extenuating circumstances exist in which our team deems it acceptable. Please understand this is up to the discretion of our team and will only occur in extreme situations.


    If you have questions, please reach out to our team.

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